A little drip now and then….


Leaking roof saga continued.

Winter is the worst possible time in Maine for your roof to spring a leak … so of course, that’s exactly what’s happened.

Remember when I said I’d cringe every time it rains?



That’s the sound of me cringing.

It poured the other day… and so did our ceiling.




So much so I had to add another pan.

Which drove the husband nuts when he came home…. and because he’s a man and had to do something?




Yeah. He decided to climb up into the attic to see where it was leaking.

Naturally this isn’t as easy as climbing a set of stairs… because no.

Here at Casa River, we like a challenge.




The den closet, home to an overflow of the husband’s useless crap  treasure.

(Yes, he collects old wooden hangers. Don’t you?)




Half of one side had to be emptied and strewn all over the room….




Because the only way to access the crawl space we call an attic is to remove all the shelving and climb up a hole at the top of the closet.




A design paradigm we curse the builders for quite often.




It’s a bit of a nightmare getting up there.




And no, the husband didn’t appreciate me making a Kodak moment out of the experience.




He wasn’t thrilled that I stuck my head up through the hole to offer advice either.

Men. There’s no pleasing you.




But look… I found an antenna from the 1970’s!




Did I mention there’s no actual floor up there? Just a few scattered pieces of particle board that break when you kneel on them.




So after scuttling around like a crab and lying on his back…




And pointing his flashlight near the section of the roof of the addition you can’t access from the crawl space, he did find where the water was coming in. Halfway up the peak, and running down the beams…. which we can find absolutely no reason for.




Doesn’t this look like fun?




Especially since there’s not a damned thing you can do about it until spring when you can rip off the shingles to find the bad spot.




Meanwhile I’ll have this lovely and ever expanding wart to look at.

And every time I do?

I hear a cash register.










21 thoughts on “A little drip now and then….”

  1. Those pans hardly seem adequate for the task. Don’t you have buckets to put under the leaks — or better yet, maybe the husband has an antique clawfoot tub among his “treasures” that would catch a lot more water and save you the trouble of filling your bathroom tub the next time you take a bath (though you might want to build a fire under it if you don’t like cold baths).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re not funny.
      He does have a sink he found at the dump…but no tubs yet. Don’t give him any ideas!
      And to be honest, buckets don’t work. It’s dripping along a line in multiple places so the long pans are better.


      1. Sorry — I didn’t mean to rain on your parade (Mother Nature seems to doing that just fine without my help). Anyway, I’m used to my wife blowing my brilliant suggestions out of the water, so your lack of appreciation rolled of me like water off a duck’s back — hahahahaha.

        As you can see, I can get a lot un-funnier, so you’d better stop treating me like Rodney “I get no respect” Dangerfield or I’ll (not) take my business elsewhere.

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    1. Nope.
      We had a leak there 3 years ago and had the whole thing replaced!
      We have fierce wind here during storms due to all the open fields and being near the water… something might have lifted.


  2. Finding it on the inside might not be much help. On the outside, it can enter in Nebraska and drip inside over West Virginia. I would not have been happy with the documentation crew following me. I hope it’s an easy fix, once it gets warn enough to get up there and look around.

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  3. I feel for you. Our roof got partially blown off during a windstorm, and we had to have it replaced in January. Ka-ching, indeed. At least now we don’t have to worry about leaks every time it rains. (And bless your husband for being willing to go up there. Our last house had attic access through a closet just like that, and also had no floor boards in the attic. Scary as hell. I’m glad that our new house has an actual attic crawl space that can be accessed from the upstairs hallway and has a real wooden floor, not that I ever intend to go in there – ’cause, you know, spiders.)

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  4. That without a doubt is the worst designed attic access point I have ever seen. Did you find a treasure map to an old pirate ship up there? What am I talking about? I doubt you ever saw that movie.

    See the pictures of your husband in the attic reminds me of a time when my Dad was doing electrical work up in the attic and had shut off one of the circuit breakers in order to do so. My Mom came home from somewhere and couldn’t understand why the lights wouldn’t turn on. She looked in the circuit breaker panel and then turned on what she thought was a tripped breaker. Everyone in the house heard the scream echoing from the heavens above just before the crash of my Dad’s leg coming through the ceiling in the den. I was quite shocked, as was he.

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    1. Our house was built in 1974 and an addition in 1994. We’ve found numerous questionable design decisions.
      I’m very glad my husband did not come crashing through the ceiling…. it was a very real possibility.

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