I love my town…. Part 6.


Time for an update on the stories making the news on my town’s Facebook page.

Traffic jams are awful, no two ways about it…..

But in my town?



Untitled (2)


They’re not always bumper to bumper.




And then there was this:




No, damn it! I did not.

We’ve lived here over 17 years and the only moose I’ve seen was a dead one on I-95.

Trotting right down Main Street?




Another missed opportunity.

And finally, there was this:




My first thought was the zombie fish apocalypse had begun… and I started to get a little nervous.

But it turns out a bald eagle was fishing the river, dropped his sturgeon while flying and decided to munch on it in situ.



Because the thought of zombie fish taking over my blog?

Not cool.


26 thoughts on “I love my town…. Part 6.”

  1. Could be my neck of the woods! Cattle, moose, deer, and occasionally sheep, all known to cause random traffic jams in towns.
    Love the shot of the sturgeon in the snow. Creepy! Now that would garner some attention here 🙂

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  2. Wow, this beats everything I’ve seen or heard living in the boonies as a kid. Even that one time my dad hit a horse with his Ford F-150. The horse was fine, actually nothing happened to it because my dad was only going about 20 MPH when the horse ran in front of him, but my dads truck on the other hand, front end damage galore…lol

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  3. Since you’re away from your town studying history you might have fun with a book called Strange Red Cow, about the history of classified ads. The title comes from an ad in a newspaper in the pre-Revolutionary American colonies in which a farmer complains that a “strange red cow” has wandered into his fields and he’d like the owner to come and get it.
    Yes, social media predated the internet by several centuries.

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    1. That is absolutely fabulous! I love weird historical tidbits.
      Although the vacation I’m posting about actually took place in December. It takes me this long to get through all the pictures.

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  4. Where I live, we have Canada geese taking over our shopping mall parking lot when they migrate, and wild women taking over the stores in the mall when they have a big sale, but unfortunately, those events never seem to coincide. If they ever do, my money’s on the women showing the geese who’s boss.

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      1. I can’t bluff geese — somehow they know that, no matter how close up I drive, I’ll stop before I run them over. I’ll take your word (with my fingers crossed) that they’ll also stand their ground against women drivers.

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