Pandemic humor… laugh while you can.


Because we all need a chuckle.




Well done kitty.

Now step up your game and fetch us some toilet paper.



Does anyone think about all the poor out of work hookers?


But I’m sure they’re feeling the pinch as well… although probably not in the places they’re used to.



Sad, but true.



Also sad, but true.

I read a cockroach can survive for 6 months without it’s brain. Hell, Keith’s got that record beat already.



Other places?

Ay caramba!



Even I’ll say amen to that.

25 thoughts on “Pandemic humor… laugh while you can.”

  1. Once upon a time I was helping a very good friend peel roasted chiles, and we sort of grew amorous being in such close proximity. The pain didn’t quite deter us, we were young, but it was experience we didn’t repeat.

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      1. For some reason I am beyond tired today. And Gary is at my house playing with my lawn mower. I don’t want to BE here. I just want to be home. I’m amazed I haven’t gotten this crap because of all the money I handle every day. And NOTHING has been provided for me. My little bottle of hand sanitizer I BROUGHT from home and now someone has STOLEN IT??? WTF???

        Sorry. I love you. I laugh at you. I cry with you. I am just tired of all this shit. So many things show it’s probably a lie to control us yet people may be getting ill. I never hear of ANYONE I know getting ill and I know LOTS of people. The county my parents live in had ONE CASE. And that person recovered.

        Ok, rant over. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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      2. I’m sorry. Not being properly protected by your employer is unconscionable. Maine has had 1,200 cases and 61 deaths… which is low comparatively, but right now? Our neighbor who lives behind us has it. Our neighbor to the left of us? His parents have it, one severe enough to be hospitalized. It’s here. It’s everywhere. My husband has 3 of the underlying health issues. I can’t take any chances.

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    1. Yes, but Keith has fried his with more drugs than the human body should be able to sustain and still walk upright. I’m beginning to believe he’s impossible to kill.


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