Making a grocery run with the husband looks a little different these days…




As does his idea of the word essentials.



But the real news of the day?




We found two of the most elusive items in Maine. Flour and toilet paper!!!

Now I can say I know how a crack whore feels after a fix.

Well, maybe not exactly how.

But still…



We found these precious jewels at an out of the way, generic name grocery store in the back country.

And no, I’m not telling you where.



29 thoughts on “Score!!!”

  1. I’m glad you finally found the pot of gold at the end of the pandemic rainbow! And I’m with Masercot, finally a front view of the hubs and he’s wearing a mask, well done hubs but…he’s like Tim Allen’s neighbor in Home Improvement, we can only see him from the eyes up! lol


  2. Check the bacon on my post later this morning. LOL.
    Glad you can breathe? easier now with TP in the house.
    Whatcha gonna ter make wid da flour?


  3. Haven’t had any problem buying toilet paper–Dollar Tree has had Charmin every week and, obviously, flour is plentiful here as my neighbors are always sharing cookies and cakes they bake –who needs deer to visit when you have neighbors with baked goods visiting???

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  4. You know you can’t eat raw flour – I learned this from a package I just opened. “cause you know I do that all the time. ( )

    Nor can you eat TP. At least I assume so – I’ve never seen a warning against it on the TP package.

    Your hubby has his priorities right. Personally, one of the first items I ordered to help me through the pandemic was a stock of wine which was delivered by the local wine store. Best delivery ever.

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  5. We’ve had TP down here, but not Snooks favorite brand. Fortunately, we lasted the pandemic shortages because we are preppers. But today, she came home with a full case of her favorite brand. You would have thought she was a big game hunter and scored the big one.
    She got so excited she forgot the primary reason she was there was to get dog food, and came home without it …
    I’d beat her, but she is a damned fine shot and has her own arsenal …

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  6. It’s been so long since you’ve been able to find those things, you’ve probably forgotten how to use them! Remember: the flour goes in the cake, and the toilet paper is for after you use the bathroom. Not the other way around. You’re welcome.

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