When my husband says let’s go for a ride….


You never know where you’ll end up. Pre Covid 19… it was usually worth the effort.




Not so much.

The man drove a half an hour… for water.


Because his office threw out a water cooler. Need I say more?

We arrived, and I elected to sit in the car. A girl can only stand so much excitement. But I was waiting… and waiting… and finally had to check the progress.

Never having been to a water store, I’m by no means an expert. But I’m guessing the water you’re paying for…



The highly purified water?



Isn’t supposed to be on the floor.

After he talked to the machine and they came to an understanding….



All was well.



And now the big barn has clean cold water by the door.

Will the husband ever drink it? Probably not, but don’t miss the point.

The machine was free.


28 thoughts on “When my husband says let’s go for a ride….”

  1. Uhm I could be wrong but I don’t think you are supposed to drink deionized water. It’s for use in machinery that can’t handle all the chems that make it safe to drink. Am I missing something here?

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      1. True.
        And if my husband grabs his water cooler bottles and wades into a stream to fill them? Rest assured I shall be there with my camera to record the process.

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  2. Oh dear…..BUT I will say this I defense of your hubs (yes Godzilla may indeed come out of the ocean today) I agree with his effort to go get water, why? Because I myself don’t drink tap water, and I go once a week to the water store to fill up four five gallon jugs for my water cooler at home…….wait what just happened? 😂🤣😆😁

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  3. Here the poor guy is thinking of his wife entering the barn from a hot sunny day outside and might want a glass of purified better than ordinary cold water and what do you do??? Pick on him for this sweet gesture!!

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  4. Who knew there was anything in natural water that got into disputes with endocrine systems? (The sign – which I actually read because, I mean, one wants to know just how many steps it takes to make such precious water – says, …”using ultrafiltration to remove pathogens, endocrine disputers [sic] and organic matter down to 0.02 microns.”) Wonder what they argue about?

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  5. I had a clever comment all prepared, but then I noticed in the comment thread that you don’t have a frozen margarita machine in the Big Barn and the horror of such caused me to lose my train of thought…

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