Baby squirrel resurgence.


They’re baaaaaaack.

Well, at least the babies are.




And they’re making themselves right at home on the deck.




A little too much at home for my liking.




Because they’re trying to get back into the hole they all came tumbling out of last month.



Cute? Yes.

Respectful house guests? No.




And then the other day, a friend helped me out.




No, it’s not the same picture.

Look in the lower right hand corner….



Baby woodchuck is finally earning his keep.

Well done sir.

Carry on.



23 thoughts on “Baby squirrel resurgence.”

  1. The squirrels here at the lake we are staying at will take peanuts right from your hand. However, our dogs are not interested in feeding them peanuts so they don’t come around so much.

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  2. You are so ungrateful!!! Neither the squirrels or chipmunks have taken a single bite out of the deck–haven’t even tasted it!! And you blocked the squirrels out of their home–what do you expect!??

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