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Our resident mallard is really into his food.



And yes, I meant that literally.



The rival males still show up now and then.



But our female has made her choice and they end up wandering around aimlessly…. as single men are apt to do.



Standoffs with the woodchuck are still a thing.



And the male mallard is showing some battle scars on his breast.



But this day they were victorious…. and took a load off next to the spoils.



Disturbing duck facts added for dramatic ending.

You’re welcome.


Ducks vs woodchuck


The bowl of deer grain is popular, with everyone but the deer for whom it is intended.



Our resident woodchuck, (named Chuck because we’re creative that way) loves it…



But so do our new friends the ducks.



It’s first come first serve at Casa River, and no matter how much posturing and maneuvering the waterfowl did…



Chuck reigned supreme.



And even barked at them when they got too close. I’ve been known to do the same around my margaritas, so I don’t judge.


Random wildlife shots.


Because it’s time to clear out the photo files again.




Momma chuck has been packing on the pounds with an eye toward winter..




But it doesn’t stop her from scrambling up and over the rock wall quicker than I can move my shutter finger.




I have a feeling at least one of her two remaining offspring will be sticking around when the snow flies.




I keep catching him rooting around under the daylilies, filling his mouth with dead leaves and making off for parts unknown with nesting material.




Last year’s fawn comes every night, and since his new antlers are decidedly unbranched, I’ve taken to calling him the antenna buck. Because I’m old… and remember when you had to wiggle those things every afternoon to watch Dark Shadows.




Though these next two pics were at the outermost limit of my zoom, I’m including them because we rarely see momma turkey and her young.




She raises them in the woods and neighboring meadows, never crossing our large expanse of open lawn.




And finally, a few Bambi shots.




Because they’re so damned sweet, I can’t help it.



Baby squirrel resurgence.


They’re baaaaaaack.

Well, at least the babies are.




And they’re making themselves right at home on the deck.




A little too much at home for my liking.




Because they’re trying to get back into the hole they all came tumbling out of last month.



Cute? Yes.

Respectful house guests? No.




And then the other day, a friend helped me out.




No, it’s not the same picture.

Look in the lower right hand corner….



Baby woodchuck is finally earning his keep.

Well done sir.

Carry on.



You knew it was coming.


The baby woodchucks are everywhere.

Behind the barn, in the rock wall, on the porch, under the deck.

Which means….




They’re going to be saturating my blog for a while.




Because really….




If there’s anything cuter than a mini woodchuck eating apples?





I don’t know if I’d survive it.