Holy crap!



I’m literally going to talk about crap…. and you’re going to wonder why you ever started following me in the first place.



Piles of crap have suddenly begun showing up on our front lawn.



Same spot, by the kitchen door, every morning, totaling 4 piles.



Sorry, I can’t.

Weird as it sounds, we’ve lived here for 18 years and have never had a dog leave a deposit. Ever!

It’s too big for woodchuck or fox. And it’s not skunk. They leave a trail of small black poo nuggets on the driveway.

We have started seeing raccoons late at night, and they do make the rounds.



But I’m thinking coyotes might be setting us up as a rural rest stop.



So if any of my readers are expert scat identifiers?

Now would be the time to weigh in.

*Poop Update –  since writing this the other day.




The count is up to 5 piles, and since it rained…. closer examination of contents was possible.

(Still with me? You really are loyal readers!)





I think we can safely rule out coyote now.

33 thoughts on “Holy crap!”

  1. What little I know of turdology would suggest something with paws, but it doesn’t look canine/coyote/fox turds … they tend to lay them out along a line and scratch grass clippings over them.
    That leaves opposums, skunks, weasels, otters, minks and bears. Bear would be a good guess … but usually they will leave other evidence such as paw prints because of their size.
    But it does look like bear spoor …

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      1. Yeah. Buffalo’s plop runny like cows, though a bit smaller in diameter .. they don’t drop turds.
        And so many people think I didn’t know jack shick about cow plop …

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  2. Your hubby has demonstrated his skill at small barn construction, so it shouldn’t be a problem for him to build this and solve your problem:

    P.S. Remember, you turd — I mean HEARD — it here first! ;-).

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  3. Time for a nighttime critter cam, because whatever it is, it’s enjoying your bird seed and so could be easily be captured on video.

    I’m thinking bear. Here, though, bear scat usually has berries in it. Maybe your bears are leaving you an unsubtle message that they would prefer berries to seeds…

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