It’s almost unbearable.


My little town’s FB page has been lighting up with some interesting sightings lately.

One woman kept posting but no one believed her.




I’d say that’s pretty definitive proof.

To be honest I’m surprised we’ve never had this issue. We’ve seen evidence of Yogi in our backyard and woods. (and even on the deck one winter. Yikes!)  But he’s never raided our feeders, for which I’m grateful.

They’re lovely creatures, but quite destructive.

The sightings continue…. which prompted this latest post.




I’m down with that.

Hi Waldo!

23 thoughts on “It’s almost unbearable.”

  1. I always worry at 4am when I take the puppies out. There was a bear sighting in G’ville 5 miles from my house. And a half mile up the highway they like to play in the stream. So even at 4am I’m on high alert listening for any strange sound. I know Stella and Louie would protect me but still…..

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  2. There are occasional bear sightings in the Black Hills, which always prompts similar disbelief because there are no bears in the Black Hills.

    Until they’re caught on camera.

    “They’re just passing through!” the Game, Fish, & Parks people say. As if that’s any more reassuring when you’re out hiking alone…

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