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Our local.


This is the interior of our local pub.



Small, rustic and not at all fancy. But the food is fresh and tasty, the drinks are strong and cheap. What more could you want?

We’re regulars and feel good supporting a local business. Our town has never had a pub before so the owners had to fight long and hard for licensing as well as acceptance. Some of the older residents of our little hamlet thought a bar would attract a bad element, but this small establishment is just as likely to be serving lunch to a troop of Girl Scouts as they are the functioning alcoholics. Lawyers and fisherman. Bankers and construction workers. Hippies and veterans. You never who will sit on the neighboring stool.

We’ve met more locals here in the past 2 years than we have living in this town for 19. And it should come as no surprise that when we introduce ourselves and explain where we live? Everyone always says… oh, the big red barn with the nice porch. Sure!

And if you’re wondering just how rural my town can be? Take a look at who pulled up the other day…





I love my town.

I also love all the ridiculous things people post about on its Facebook page.

In case you were wondering, no one volunteered to remove the stinky little bugger and he was released.



A reasonable response, but hell.

I didn’t even know we had a potato truck!

I showed this to the husband…. but he said there’s no room in the barn.


I don’t know…


I hate when someone beats me to the perfect comment, don’t you?

A chicken plucker!

I’m shivering in avian sympathy.

I love my town!


Where else can you go shopping and be greeted by a chicken?



Although what this poor devil did to be locked up in a rubber prison I don’t know.



Where else can you go to find a library that sets up a walking story time for kids?



Where else can you get alerts about runaway goats?



And offers of free hay?



The same place that airs their poopy grievances on Facebook, that’s where.



I love my town!!

It’s almost unbearable.


My little town’s FB page has been lighting up with some interesting sightings lately.

One woman kept posting but no one believed her.




I’d say that’s pretty definitive proof.

To be honest I’m surprised we’ve never had this issue. We’ve seen evidence of Yogi in our backyard and woods. (and even on the deck one winter. Yikes!)  But he’s never raided our feeders, for which I’m grateful.

They’re lovely creatures, but quite destructive.

The sightings continue…. which prompted this latest post.




I’m down with that.

Hi Waldo!