Kitchen aerobics.


I’m beginning to get used to having the husband work from home.

Yes, it’s a little annoying trying to tiptoe around the house and be quiet all day long…. but there are distinct advantages.

Advantage #1?

It’s harder for him to avoid the honey do list that’s been growing exponentially since we moved in 18 years ago.

No more long commutes from the office, no more grumpy, tired of fighting I-95 traffic on the way home husband.

When he clocks out? I can grab him.

This week it was for blind installation in the kitchen.



Which in the tight space over the sink wasn’t as easy as it sounds.



He got quite a workout.



Take that Jane Fonda.



As the hours wore on ( what… you thought it would be minutes? ) the brackets wouldn’t mount properly, and when they did, the blinds wouldn’t click into place.



Serious thought went into why they crashed to the ground every time you pulled them down.



Non OSHA approved climbing apparatus was used.



And curtain rod mounts had to be removed, reinstalled, removed, repositioned, removed again and yes, cursed. Repeatedly.

Want to frustrate your husband? Forget withholding sex…. make him hang curtains.

But finally it was done.



They moved up and down and stayed there.



If you’ve never tried this kind of blind, I highly recommend them. They’re attractive and block the hot sun while allowing filtered light to shine through.



And if you need some installed? Let me know.

I’m sure the husband is anxious to do a few more.

27 thoughts on “Kitchen aerobics.”

    1. My husband has a firm aversion to hiring anyone who can do a job he thinks he can do better, for less money.
      As for renting him out, not until he finishes the long list here!


  1. River,
    David went through that at the beginning of the year with undermount lights in my office space. I didn’t know he knew some of the words he used. He did a great job…once they were done. I love your kitchen, btw! Those shades look really nice! Mona

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  2. Okay–what happened????? Did you not want to show the sex you had when he finished getting the blinds up?!? Not Found It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try a search? Search for:


  3. I agree with Ally, you have a beautiful kitchen River, even with Mr. Grumpy standing in front of the window, lol. My friend has those types of blinds, she said the same thing, especially here with 145 degree weather they block out the sun/heat.

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      1. I have these blinds on my Amazon wish list for when I eventually buy a house. I think they are not only better looking but if they work better than conventional mini-blinds, it’s worth the money.

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  4. I get this. I am retired, and with nothing to do, I have whittled an 18 year to-do list down to “the end”. I now LOOK for stuff to do. My wife still works (teaches college brats), and a lot of the time she teaches from home. This means I have to be really quiet, which is hard to do when your daily task involves hammers, saws, drills,and stuff.

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    1. Mr. River thinks I gave up blogging years ago, and while he’s very used to having his pictures taken…. he’s an extremely private person and would probably dislike all the play by plays I share.
      So shh!
      Mums the word.

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