Yay me…?


A blogging milestone was reached by yours truly recently.



Although I’m not sure recognition was necessary.

Now if they had a banner that said, Congratulations on posting copious amounts of useless drivel people inexplicably continue to read I could understand it.

I mean really, celebrating this post –



Where I wax poetic about meatless meat and utterly wrong rice seems a trifle excessive.

But who am I to argue with the WordPress gods?

I’ve been here since July of 2018 and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. If the powers that be choose to recognize my productivity? Who am I to argue.



Yup. That’s me.

If you can’t dazzle them with content, flood them with redundancy.


32 thoughts on “Yay me…?”

  1. Hold up, you’ve done 1,000 posts in two years and I’ve done 1,662 in SEVEN years? Holy cow. I’m clearly doing something wrong. (Or, apparently, NOT doing.) Sigh.

    Still, hearty congratulations. Ya done did good, River…

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  2. Congrats — however, if it weren’t for woodchucks, squirrels, rodents, rocks, rusty tools, and margaritas, you would probably only have about three posts (but they would be three awesome ones!). 😉

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