Because my readers are a high class bunch.


A new follower is always a lovely thing.

Unless it’s a bot, a business or one of those endless fake blogs I zap on a daily basis.

Last week?

A new follower of the utmost distinction joined my list. There he is, right at the top.



Yes, The World’s Best Farter has joined our ranks. I’m not sure whether to be flattered or disturbed, but welcome Mr. Farter.

Pull up a chair.

Preferably over there, in the far corner.



Now admit it…

You’re jealous he found me first.


35 thoughts on “Because my readers are a high class bunch.”

    1. When I see a new follower I check their page. The ones that don’t have a real blog.. and by that I mean posts that aren’t selling something or filled with useless copy and paste advice. The blogs that have comments and show interaction with followers, I allow. Everyone else gets zapped.

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  1. And here I thought Joseph Pujol–stage name “Le Petomane”, but, as far as I know, no relation to the governor of the western territory where the town of Rock Ridge is located–was the world’s best farter.

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  2. One of my more interesting followers was a group that hijacked my blog about a year ago. Husband, former cryptologist and code cracker, informed me they might be passing information in code. Another blogger said it was spam or was it the dark web. It was intriguing the language used and they focused on two of my posts and had quite the conversation. I had no idea what was going on. I wrote a blog about it and someone noticed and the dialogue stopped.

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