31 thoughts on “Let’s play…”

      1. It was odd the number of Noo Yawk cowboys there were in the Rocky Mountain west. They really handled the isolation better than us country boys did …
        Not that I ever considered JJ a cowboy … we knew what “all hat/no cattle” means …;-)

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  1. Dave Matthews Band in Philly.

    Patchoulli here in Florida ~ a folksy duo reminiscent of Carly Simon, Carole King.

    BTW: I listened to all my Fogelberg CD’s this week and decided to keep them all.


  2. Quarantined with the last musical artist i saw live? Ella Fitzgerald. OK, so she’s been dead over 20 years — but at least she wouldn’t be any bother, and no one need know there’s a skeleton in my closet.


  3. Metallica, and I’d be overwhelmingly happy to be stuck with all of them in my house! Although I’m sure that my neighbors would have called the cops by now because if your not a Metallica fan, Master of Puppets might get a bit old after a while…lol.

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  4. Donny Osmond! I actually saw Donny and Marie but Marie left before the Meet & Greet. Donny would be awesome to get to know better and we could finally sing a duet! “I’m A Little Bit Country….”


  5. It’s been quite a few years, and I’d have to check with Partner to confirm, but I think the last show was Mary Chapin Carpenter and Shawn Colvin. Acoustic guitars and a minimal band. At the restored and still grand Majestic Theater in downtown Dallas. It was fantastic…

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