With apologies to the yoga follower I deleted.


You know the drill… if you’re a business blog and are trying to sell me something? You’re history.

This goes for the slew of robotic self help sites as well. I’m as good as I’m ever going to get. I’ve accepted that… they should as well.

So yes, I zapped a yoga promoting site that followed me recently… but not before I checked out their page.



Yoga? No thanks. The days of twisting my body into a pretzel are long gone. The husband isn’t happy about that either…. but what are ya gonna do?

But beer? There’s an exercise routine I fully support.



Drinking beer and posing? Heck, I’ve been doing that for years!




I always figured it went with everything. But yoga?

Who knew!


18 thoughts on “With apologies to the yoga follower I deleted.”

  1. Guys have been doing this for years. Don’t believe me? Next time their favorite football team scores a touchdown, look at the moves they make with beer still in hand! It is like fluid Yoga, on steroids. And not a drop spilled.

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