I never thought I’d say this..


But drop what thoust is doing and get thee to the nearest Wal Mart forthwith.



Yes, that Wal Mart.

And I know, you’ll need to wear blinders or your faith in the human race as a species will spiral down the drain…. but trust me. This time it will be worth it.

Because during a begrudged trip there the other day to buy bird seed since both our local stores were out?

I found this:



And holy guacamole Batman! There’s a little taste of paradise in every bite. Rich, sweet, and buttery…. I don’t even care if I’ll have to let my pants out at the waist next week.

And if that’s not enough to entice you to walk down Wal Mart’s hallowed halls?

Here’s an added bonus.



30 thoughts on “I never thought I’d say this..”

  1. It’s interesting to me that the same type of clientele frequents Canadian Walmart’s as they do in the good ol’ USofA… 😳 Maybe it’s a cult that doesn’t understand borders?

    Just sayin’. 😃

    I go there for paper products. So much cheaper. 😉

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  2. I am going directly to the local liquor store and get some un-seeing fluid. I hope I can see what is on the shelf while I am trying to un-see this. And no we avoid wally world at all costs. As you have demonstrated some risks are just not worth taking.

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