I’m going out on a limb here….


I’ve been meaning to share this with you for a while now… ever since Swinged Cat  asked me about it in the comments of this blog. 

“It” being strange and/or supernatural events. If that’s not your thing, no problem….  feel free to skip the next few posts.  It wasn’t my thing either. Until it happened to me. Not so easy to ignore then.

As most of you know I lost my father when I was 14.  I was an only child of older parents and a total daddy’s girl.


Dad and me, baby


His loss shook my world to it’s core. Heck, I’m 57 years old, and to be honest I still haven’t gotten over it.  Anyway…. back in 2013 my best friend gave me a very odd Christmas gift.  “An Evening with Spirits” which was an hour long private session with a psychic. Now before you roll your eyes (like I did) it should be noted this was her daughter’s old college roommate and not some loon on the street corner. She’s traveled the world, studied numerous religions and spiritual disciplines, worked with the most respected people in the field ( you’re rolling your eyes again, I know…  because I did it as well). But I assure you, my girlfriend is the most down to earth, no nonsense, grounded New Englander you’re apt to meet so if she said this woman was the real deal and forked out a major amount of money for a reading? I had to go along.

The following is copied from my old blog site, and while I normally don’t do that type of thing…. it was written right after the experience and was a harbinger of things to come. Read on if you’re interested.

A Twilight Zone moment….. For Friends Only

Added: Saturday, January 26th 2013 at 6:38am by rivergirl

Friends only because I really don’t need a larger crowd of people thinking I’m crazy.

As you know, I’m using my unique Christmas present this weekend and will be visiting the psychic I posted about earlier. Me, seeing a psychic. And they say pigs don’t fly.

So yesterday I’m sitting on the couch reading an interesting book about Tibet. It was full of legend and lore and spirits and demons…..which got me thinking about my upcoming reading. Basically I was wondering if it would be amazing or a total waste of time.  Contact with my late father would be a dream, but we all know how rarely those come true. Flooded with bittersweet memories of my father, I put the book down and looked up at our mantle where an antique English clock of my father’s sits.



It’s a pretty little thing that my mother gave us 29 years ago when my husband and I moved into our first home.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Hasn’t for the entire 29 years we’ve owned it and since it has a rather special pedigree….



I never wanted to take it to just any repair shop to be fixed. Call me lazy, call me cheap… but there you have it…. it doesn’t work.

Until yesterday when I was sitting on the couch thinking about my father and the damn thing started ticking.

I’m not kidding…. I almost had a heart attack.

My jaw dropped, and I think I started shaking.

I jumped up to make sure I wasn’t hearing things and I swear by all that’s holy the stupid thing was working.  After more than 29 years.


Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Crazy lady hearing things? I’d be the first to say so if it hadn’t happened to me. The clock ticked for almost half an hour, and naturally stopped right before my husband got home from work.

Other people talk about experiencing weird things like this and I scoff. But I’m here to tell you when it happens to you? All bets are off.


39 thoughts on “I’m going out on a limb here….”

  1. We have similar backgrounds. I am an only child and my father was much older. He died when I was 15. No more daddy’s girl, eh? I have an old clock of his but it has not started ticking, though. I am in awe of your experience and am going to now go glare at that slacker clock. It needs to get it going on.

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  2. It’s not crazy River, I believe you, completely. And that’s coming from a very skeptical person, okay maybe not skeptical just, annoyed. Anyway, I didn’t roll my eyes either because I believe in such things.

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  3. Sorry I got stuck at the little plaque on the clock. So and so clockmaker to the ‘late’ king. I know the context is different. Still in the context of ‘clock’ you would think even an English clockmaker would realize ‘late’ just might not be what you want to talk about. Now where were we ?

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  4. While dating a raging alcoholic, I decided to purchase my grandparents’ old home. It would only work if I married the loser, so that’s what I planned to do. A friend stopped me the next day on the way in to work. She said, “Do you know someone named Dale…or it’s a D-name…something like that.” My grandpa’s name was Dale. I told her so, and she said, “Well, he wants me to tell you that you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” She didn’t know I had put an offer on the house and was immediately regretting it. My grandpa gave me permission to let go of the dream of owning his home in order to protect me from the man I would have to marry. I believe.

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    1. I had one of those… friend’s mother died. I “rec’d” the message, “tell them [friend and his sister] there’s property they don’t know about.”

      I had to wait a week or so, in order not to freak them out. Sure enough, unknown to them, their mother had a ton of property in another state.

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  5. My belief system is subject to change as fits my situation. One minute I’ll tell you that I don’t believe in life after death, angels, or ghosts. 2 seconds later, I’ll tell about the time I heard a voice speak to me, with no one around, giving me the explicit instruction, “di whatever it takes to me this man’s friend.” It was, fortunately, already my intent and that man changed my life for the better.

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  6. Now I’m having fun.
    Back in the late 70s, my mother was driving home and as she passed a large field, knew there was a dead body there. Didn’t tell anyone because who do you tell? Police found the body 2 days later.

    All the women on my mother’s side had a variety of “esp” experiences.

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  7. Love this. That clock suddenly coming to life? Take it for the message of affirmation and love you wanted and needed. It’s the same sort of “message” that I receive from my own father every time I see a thunderhead.

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  8. I love this stuff. And for anyone who does want to hear from those on the other side, they’ll want to contact a ‘medium’. All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. I actually think you have skills in one of these areas River, so get yourself a pack of cards – if for some bizarre reason you don’t already. All women should have a tarot deck.


    1. They bought the house right before I was born. All the walls were dark and the floors carpeted. By the time I was toddling around it was all polished hardwood and bright. That room was a throwaway, the only one that had a television. The sofa was a Danish modern I just sold 5 years ago.


  9. I don’t know how I missed this post. It just showed up in my reader. What a cool and interesting experience! I do believe in the hereafter and your clock ticking all of a sudden is crazy cool.

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      1. I realized after I left my comment that this post was a year ago. Weird how it’s popping up? Very interesting read though. Say hi to your dad for me.

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