Someone thought this was a good idea.


While at our local pub last week, a patron who was sitting on the other side of the bar bravely ordered this:



Yes, you read that correctly. The beer was brewed with gummy bears. Why such an atrocity should take place I don’t know… but he laughed and gagged and promptly pushed the can back at the bartender who attempted to throw it away. I say attempted because you know my husband wasn’t going to let that happen.



Yes, the beer was pink.

Yes, it tasted as horrible as you would imagine pink gummy bear beer would taste.

But you know what? The husband drank it anyway… because free beer is free beer.



37 thoughts on “Someone thought this was a good idea.”

  1. There is a local beer that makes a holiday beer every year with candy from a local chocolate company. Mark bought one the year they made it with chocolate creams. 🤮🤮🤮 It was so nasty! It’s some kind of hipster thing, I guess, to make candy flavored beer. 🤷‍♀️

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      1. Despise! Them is harsh words, down here in Texas that’s not even the worst beer here. I’m sure there are more worse beers to drink than Bud, oh wait you found it, it’s made with gummy bears…lmao 😂😝🤣

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