Our local.


This is the interior of our local pub.



Small, rustic and not at all fancy. But the food is fresh and tasty, the drinks are strong and cheap. What more could you want?

We’re regulars and feel good supporting a local business. Our town has never had a pub before so the owners had to fight long and hard for licensing as well as acceptance. Some of the older residents of our little hamlet thought a bar would attract a bad element, but this small establishment is just as likely to be serving lunch to a troop of Girl Scouts as they are the functioning alcoholics. Lawyers and fisherman. Bankers and construction workers. Hippies and veterans. You never who will sit on the neighboring stool.

We’ve met more locals here in the past 2 years than we have living in this town for 19. And it should come as no surprise that when we introduce ourselves and explain where we live? Everyone always says… oh, the big red barn with the nice porch. Sure!

And if you’re wondering just how rural my town can be? Take a look at who pulled up the other day…





25 thoughts on “Our local.”

  1. Love that! My late father in law worked at John Deer for over 34 years. Let’s just say, I saw plenty of those green tractors parked everywhere if he was fixing them, lol. When the song John Deer Green came out, it was played non stop in his mechanic shop at the John Deer dealer. The thing is, he didn’t speak English very well but, could belt out that song like no body’s business! 🚜
    I love that roof though, metal rusty roof says small town to me!

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    1. My next-door neighbor has worked at rival Caterpillar for almost as long. To him, John Deere and “Cat” (short for Caterpillar) are almost enemies. Who would’ve thought Deere and Cats are enemies (hahahaha)?

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      1. Yes, they aren’t very cordial with each other, lol. My late FIL wasn’t fond of the “Cats” and would say they’d break down too much because everyone knew cats only work when they want too. Referring to felines being so fickle 😼.

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