Right and wrong.


Most of the time my Facebook ads get it wrong.

I don’t need ball wash soap or help with a bigger orgasm. I also don’t need ball hammock underwear, yet the hits just keep on coming. The latest is Halloween themed… and so very, very wrong.



Do I need to see Frankenstein gettin’ his freak on? I most certainly do not.

But every once in a while, the algorithm hits a bit closer to the mark.



And horrible grammatical translation aside, at least this one includes alcohol….with undertones of barn bar which we all know is near and dear to my heart.


24 thoughts on “Right and wrong.”

  1. Why is it always men’s underwear is ALWAYS the one with the most ick factor? And some think women’s thongs are offensive, which yes they are but they come is solid colors and not inappropriate prints of monsters having “relations”…..again, totes ICK!

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    1. When we built the man cave we put up 4 shelves for liquor. They’re all full to bursting and I have extras scattered under the bar. Extra shelving would be lovely…


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