26 thoughts on “A little rich for my blood.”

      1. Yes, a little known fact about teachers in Iowa is that the state requires each of us to be among the idle rich. In fact, I already own five bottles and will send one as soon as I receive your social security number!


  1. … a boilermaker cocktail where you drop a shot glass of whiskey into a glass of beer would be more my style if 6point beer couldn’t get me there quick enough …
    At $240 a quaff, I am thinking I could have a damned good dinner to go along with it …

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      1. Normally, a sip is about ½ oz. 12 oz. is the standard for bottled beer. 24 sips per bottle makes it about $10 a sip. Assuming you have enough discipline to sip instead of gulp. A gulp is = two sips. So, if you can get a tasting party together, and can sift out the gulpers from the quaffers, you could get a reasonable sample for about $20. Affordable, but I don’t know that many sippers and gulpers. I am assuming it is measured out in small glasses instead of everyone sharing a stein. I don’t think I can get all that going at the same time, so the odds of me ever finding out is less than finding a Democrat who says “No. We are taxed enough.”

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