Maybe he should quit his day job.


My husband’s cousin’s son (is that second cousin?) is a doctor. He was the first physician who diagnosed my late mother’s terminal cancer and was the epitome of professionalism with compassion.

And if that’s not impressive enough? I’ve just discovered he’s been hiding a whole lotta artistic talent under that white coat.



Apparently the basement of his old Victorian home is being turned into a shrine to rock and roll.



He just started posting pictures of his work and all I could think was, damn.



The boy has mad skills.


23 thoughts on “Maybe he should quit his day job.”

  1. Something I’ve noticed about physicians is the good ones have a serious interest in at least one art form, usually music or painting, and they’re often well-read too. They get that the humanities and sciences go together.
    Your relative (let’s just leave it at that) is the only one I know who’s got more than an interest–he’s got some serious talent.

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