I Need You.


Okay… I’m a blogger. So technically yes, I do need you – my loyal readers – but that’s not what I’m talking about today.

I’m talking about the ear worm that has happily burrowed its way into my head and won’t let go.

I dare you to listen to this song and be able to sit still.

This song makes me want to dance… and Lord knows I don’t do that unless heavily lubricated with tequila.



30 thoughts on “I Need You.”

  1. A good song, and jumpy, but I have my own preference of a song called “I Need You,” possibly from before you were even born. Maybe hubby remembers it:

    À bit dated, girls were always called little in those day, but it wasn’t meant to be insulting to women, it was the zeitgeist of the times…

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      1. OK. That was no photo, it was the picture on the YouTube page where I got the song. Sometimes the picture shows up, sometimes just the web address. So here is another song you may not know but might enjoy. I went to the zYoutube page, hit the share button, then the Copy Link symbol. Came back here and hit Ctrl band the address showed up: https://youtu.be/SPZVrmJ2HH8
        If you got this page picture too then we’recommend lucky.

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      2. Go figure. I used the same process for both songs. Well, that’Word Press, I guess. Or maybe it’s YouTube. Probably it is the intersection of the two. Hope you enjoyed the songs anyway.

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