Oh fur Pete’s sake.


Who’s Pete? And why are we always calling him out…

Never mind. I’m actually here to gripe about my phone’s autocorrect.

Because in the past month, every time I type for it gets changed to fur.

Every. Single. Time.

Don’t get me wrong, predictive text rocks. And I’ve trained mine to spit out Mountcatten when it isn’t even a word.

But I don’t text about fur.

I don’t email about fur.

I don’t blog about fur.

(Which ironically, now that I want to… keeps changing to fir.)




26 thoughts on “Oh fur Pete’s sake.”

  1. And that is the ducking truth ! I do love those awkward moments when one finds the auto-awkward-mistakes of the alleged ‘smart phone.’ In my case usually right after the send button has committed the error to public embarrassment. Who knew smart phones have a wicked sense of humor ? Here hold my beer and watch this… there is no way a smart phone could twist those simple words. …for the love of ducking Pete how did that happen? It just might be that technology has it in fur us all…

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  2. My biggest problem is that Spelchek, as I call it, was programmed by prudish religious wackjobs who are trying to control the vocabulary of non-prudish free-thinking actual human beings.
    Believe it or not, I got to write that sentence without one stupid change. What the he’ll?

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