It could be worse.


Naming a new pet isn’t a difficult process, at least for me.



I’ve always been able to spend a little time with them and discover their rightful names. Like Lord Dudley Mountcatten.



It just came to me, and to be honest, I think it suits him perfectly.

My husband disagrees. And of all the pets we’ve ever had, this is the one name he refuses to use.

Does the Royal title put him off? Perhaps.

Is it too much of a mouthful? Maybe.

But as I keep telling him, it could have been worse.



13 thoughts on “It could be worse.”

  1. I have named many a pet in my life, though generally they name themselves for me and whisper it in my ear. I just translate into English for them. The elder stateswoman of my present brrod is Ms Diabola Blanca, or White Devil Woman. You do not want to get on her bad side. Ask the father of her one litter. They were great parents, working together to keep everyone safe and healthy. But when she decided it was time for the kittens to find new homes, she let us know in no uncertain terms. Since that time she will defend her “husband” to the death, but when he gets “ideas” she smacks the hell out of him. One litter was enough. Anyone else gets on her bad side, she smacks them too. But when they are on her good side, the right side no less, she loves them like they were her own.

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