Weird products you may need.


Or not.



Though you have to admit, they could come in handy.



No. No one needs that.

And the rest of us don’t need to see it.


Trust me on this.



Personally, I’d love to see one of these on every dining table in America. Remember when we had actual conversations during meals ? Hard to believe, but yes…. we did it face to face, not screen to screen.



What the…




34 thoughts on “Weird products you may need.”

  1. Some people have too much time on their hands, and they think they have what it takes to create. When “we used to talk to each other,” our friends and relatives would help us stay grounded. And while I think the ability to Imagine is a great thing, these people need to have their imaginations put in the jail cell, along with their cell phones!


  2. That phone jail thingy? I could sell those by the gross to teachers around the world. That Chipfinger thing sure looks like a crooks way to not leave any fingerprints, or touch DNA. That “male” swimsuit is just another lean to gender neutrality, mostly.

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