23 thoughts on “Holiday humor.”

  1. Very fat. Very judgmental. And totally not real. Once upon a time it was a fun way to get your kids to learn to be nice. That no longer applies. You can bet Kyle Rittenhouse will be getting xmas presents this year. He certainly should not get any, should he? Doesn’t really matter, does it? His real xmas present came early this year, didn’t it. Over a month early. Nov. 19th to be exact. And Santa was not dressed in red, was he?
    Sorry, I just had to say that! Kinda went off on a tangent.
    What I was going to say about the “jolly old fat man dressed in red,” he is no longer a symbol of Christmas, is he. Now he is an executioner holding his axe blade over the necks of every parent in the christian world, making them spend money they may not have to give presents to kids who they know have not been nice all year. God won’t bless them if they don’t!
    So, really, Rg, Santa does belong advertising Ball Hammock underwear, doesn’t he. His new job is selling everything and anything under the sun. Mrs. Claus is filing divorce papers as we speak, and the elves and reindeer are all on strike, because Santa has been the naughty one this year!

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    1. I’ve always been a bit of a cynic, even at a tender young age. I can not remember a time when I believed in Santa. I always knew dad ate the cookies and mom bought the presents. Bah humbug.
      But the Easter Bunny? Oh yeah, he was real.

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  2. What the heck is up with your google algorithms? The things that you share crack me up every time! 😂🤣😂. I am so over Christmas gift giving. So over. I am much into “your presence is my present” these days…

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      1. We still exchange a couple of gifts, but not like when we first started. It’s mostly practical things. If it all goes right, I’ll be getting a new stove. Cathy knows I want one, as well as knowing that there’s gonna be some righteous chow coming out of it, so HoHoHo!
        OK while we’re here, best sneaky-ass Christmas gift ever:
        Cathy’s a real serious Davd Bowie fan, so, in 1987, shortly after we first got a CD player, I bought nine Bowie CD’s, brought them home and taped them together so they looked like a gigantic Toblerone. Oh, Kenny. You are so talented…

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