NOW it looks like Christmas.


I woke up to a winter wonderland this morning as our first real snow of the season fell overnight.



It wasn’t the 6-8 inches they predicted for our area…



But it coated everything in glorious white… so that’s alright with me.

What wasn’t a welcome sight?



The creature highlighted here.

The tiny devil who wreaked havoc with us, our house and our barn last year. The little red bitch with sharp teeth. I thought we’d seen the last of her after numerous evictions and nest busting this fall. But no…

She’s baaaack!



I know just how you feel Dudley.


26 thoughts on “NOW it looks like Christmas.”

      1. Beans are hard. Pads are soft. All six of my cats, and the hundreds I have lived with in my lifetime, have or had soft pads. Happy feet would be no fun if cats had beans on their feet, just saying…


  1. she will live forever……

    The only way to get rid of her is to catch her. then release her more than 20 miles away or she will find her way back to you.

    because she loves you…………….bwaaaah!

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