Things you’ll only find in Maine.


Maine is well known for its lobster and blueberries, but here are two other regional items with which you may be unfamiliar.



Yes, we put mashed potatoes in candy. And if you’ve never had one of these delicious treats? You won’t believe how tasty chocolate covered taters can be.



I admit I’ve never tried this.

And to be honest, I probably never will. If you’ve ever walked the clam flats of a Maine beach at low tide in the summer?

The smell is not what you would call tea worthy.

Trust me on this.



39 thoughts on “Things you’ll only find in Maine.”

  1. Got it, thank you. Lynette helped me out with Okanagan and my brain feels better all the time. If you ever hear me speak, there will be no doubt I’m not a local. It has been my experience, however, that the locals will cut me a little slack if they think I am making an effort.

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