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Things you’ll only find in Maine.


Maine is well known for its lobster and blueberries, but here are two other regional items with which you may be unfamiliar.



Yes, we put mashed potatoes in candy. And if you’ve never had one of these delicious treats? You won’t believe how tasty chocolate covered taters can be.



I admit I’ve never tried this.

And to be honest, I probably never will. If you’ve ever walked the clam flats of a Maine beach at low tide in the summer?

The smell is not what you would call tea worthy.

Trust me on this.



Grocery store giggles.


In what universe are these an acceptable substitute for Lays?



Give me potatoes or give me death.




And have you wandered down the bottled water aisle lately?



One puts you to sleep, the other wakes you up.



I bet this one makes you crave junk food, and I’m not talking about the beet variety.



But is it?

Is it really….


I love my town.


And their wacky Facebook Group postings.



Cat damage and springs that poke your butt?

Hurry up people, these won’t last long!



A noisy big yellow machine. I shall follow this thread and report back. Who knows… maybe it’s the Beatles’ long lost submarine.



Christ. Don’t tell my husband!



You may not know what it feels like to fall off the turnip truck, but in my town… apparently you can fall off the potato one.



This is a running gag because certain parts of our town lose power quite easily. Flatulent rodents will probably strike here next, stay tuned



Sadly, I know of no retail chicken establishments.

Wonder if I could talk them into a few clever and highly motivated red squirrels instead?



Another round if you please.


Sadly I’m not talking about my kind of round… the one that involves limes and tequila.



The insulation, ceiling and lights were finished in the big barn project. And silly me…. I thought that meant we were done.



But upon further deliberation, the husband decided he want to put quarter round moulding all around the top of the walls for a more finished look.



And while I’m never one to argue with finish work…



With the husband, things don’t always go as planned.



Yes, he’s holding  a bottle of glue.

And no, you don’t want to know why.

He even put moulding on top of the steel beam.



And got me up on the ladder to hold it in place, which wasn’t exactly where it should have been.



The 327lb prized antique potato planter was moved a few hundred times, because, you know… they’re never where you want them.



Do we plant potatoes?   No. We never have, and never will.

Enough said.

And while we’re at the porch door…

Kindly look up.



There… see it?




A section of plywood ceiling that clearly has writing on it.


Because the husband says he didn’t notice it and refuses to undo everything to flip it over.

Finish work does not always look finished around here.


Oddly enough….


When I think of lawn ornaments?

Mr. Potato Head is not the first thing that comes to mind.




And while I love a good spud with my steak as much as the next person…




I can’t say I’d want this bigger than life fellow greeting me at my door every night.




Maybe so.

But I’m old enough to remember this creepy vintage playground Potato Head.



And stand by my statement.

No thank you!

If only it were on our list….


I often cruise our timeshare site looking for deals. Someplace we’ve never been, some lovely resort where we’d like to stay.

Then the other day I read an article that made me rethink my aversion to Airbnb.


We could rent a potato.




No joke.

Apparently this particular spud toured the US for six years on the back of a truck, and no one knew what to do with it afterward.




While my first thought wouldn’t have been,  ‘Hey, let’s throw a queen size Serta in there and rent that baby out!’

Clearly I lack vision.


  • A giant (fake) potato has been turned into a home that you can rent on Airbnb.
  • The Big Idaho Potato Hotel is a 6-ton potato structure that was created to promote spuds across the US.
  • A small-home developer turned it into an incredibly stylish rental property.
  • It costs $200 a night.


It’s a real hotel room, of sorts.


The potato sleeps two, with one queen bed, and there’s a small bathroom, a kitchenette, a fireplace, and air-conditioning too. With millennial-pink accents and house plants aplenty, it’s as Instagrammable inside as out.

Measuring 28 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 11.5 feet tall, the giant potato was created by the Idaho Potato Commission to promote the noble vegetable.






Granted the landscaping leaves a little to be desired.

And the views?

Well, it is Idaho.



IMG_4547 Which is probably why there are no windows.But still..  it’s a giant tater!! 

We’ve all dreamed about living inside a potato, with hash browns for cushions, fries as shelves, and a giant bowl of fluffy mash to snuggle into at night.


So if spuds are your one true love, you’re probably going to want to book a night in the Big Idaho Potato Hotel, which has been listed on Airbnb.


And there you have it…

The perfect vacation getaway.




You’re welcome.


And just in case you didn’t think I could tie Game of Thrones into this post?





Never doubt me.















Washouts, floating snakes and a giant potato.

Leaving Winslow, Arizona you see a lot of….


Until you see these…


And start looking for a restaurant here…


We’d heard there was a wonderful place to eat dinner at the Orchard.




We didn’t bring our white water landing craft.


This is what happens in Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona when it rains.

And mind you, I’m not talking about torrential downpours. The rain we’d had the night before wouldn’t have been enough to properly soak my garden back home in Maine.

But road after road, and driveway after driveway were impassable.


Except for snakes.

IMG_3724 (2)

Apparently those suckers float right on by.

By the time we got back to Sedona it was dark, and we ended up here.


A well reviewed steakhouse.


It was pleasant…

And I was thirsty.


To hell with doctors orders, I’d been a good girl and was feeling fine.

Prickly pear pomegranite cosmo?


Come to momma!


The salads were lovely with fresh local greens, candied pecans, goat cheese and pears with a tangy citrus vinaigrette.


The yeast rolls with sea salt cultured butter? Light as air…

And yes, I ate 3.


But the steaks?

Ooh la la!


My filet mignon with truffle butter was everything you want a steak to be.

Of course for $52 it should be.


And my baked potato was huge.


Well, not quite.

But damn…

Now I totally want to go to the potato museum!

Canadian Potato Museum PEI

The Canadian Potato Museum is a living testament to the humble tuber and those who have tilled the soil in its evolution. 

We celebrate all things “potato”.

Highlights include the world’s largest exhibits of potato-related farm machinery, agricultural and Community artifacts and the world’s largest potato sculpture.

The world’s largest potato sculpture?

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Who’s with me?



(Bring your own peeler)

You’re never to old to learn…. Potatoes.


In my continuing effort to enlighten…

Let’s dive a little deeper into continuing education.




Last week’s spoon bending was a hit,  You’re never too old to learn…. Spoons.

And while this week’s class may be a little Maine-centric…. isn’t that half the fun?

So grab your taters and let’s go to school.




Spud Night – I’ve Got My Eyes on You!

If you are a Mainer (or from away) who is stuck in a potato rut, you will want to join us! We will learn how to choose the correct potato variety for use, see and taste many grown varieties and taste Roasted Fingerling potatoes. The class will make Swiss Rosti Potatoes, warm German Potato salad and Sweet Potato Puree with Smoked Paprika. The evening will be both demonstration and hands on. Bring a peeler and sealed tubs to take home leftovers (if there are any!)

$10 material fee included. No discounts


Again, yes. This is real.

There is actually a course on potatoes.




And admit it, you’re stuck in a potato rut.

We all are.

Hell, even Mr. Potato Head needs an update now and then.



Look how downright creepy he started out.



Would you let your child on the playground with that moustache twirling tater?

Of course not, so grab your peeler and get to class.

Thurs, Oct 25, 6-9 PM

1 Session