30 thoughts on “Egg-ceptional!!”

  1. And lying to children yet again. If a dinosaur had a brain the size of the yoke in your Tyranosaurus’s skull, it would still rule the world. There would never have been a need for humans. LMAO.

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    1. I was a dinosaur nut as a kid. Used to spend endless hours at the Museum of Natural History in NYC with my mother begging me to look at something else. Don’t give me Barbie dolls, I’d rather have a Brontosaurus!

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      1. My friend isn’t technically a paleontologist, but he works at the Gray fossil site in east Tennessee, as well as the Hell Creek formation in North Dakota, where he can and does all the things the degreed professionals do (except write papers). I’ve helped him move a jacketed piece of mastodon jaw (grunt) into his shop so he could work on it at home. He and Cathy co-ordinate educational programs for dino-nut kids at the library. That’s not all, though. He’s my total science guy and he’ll tell me straight up if he can’t answer one of my many many questions. No lie, Terry Pratchett notwithstanding.

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