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Alcohol. It’s not just for cocktail glasses anymore….


I’ve always loved dinosaurs. As a child my favorite place in the whole world was under the skeleton of a T Rex at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. So imagine my delight when I discovered these…



So what, you say? Gummy dinosaurs are no big deal… tis true.



But winosaurs? That’s booze, candy and dinosaurs all in one place! A little slice of heaven right there.



And booze filled Hallmarks?



I’m also very down with those.



Pandemic humor.


Because you have to laugh. Or at least I do..



Nothing worse than a wannabe.



I’m not sure I needed permission, but thanks anyway.



Poor Rexy.

How the heck did he eat a taco?



As rabid as some people have been during this election cycle, it wouldn’t surprise me.




We were going to retire and travel. Now I get excited if the grocery store has toilet paper.



The perfect holiday ornament for a truly shitty year.


Pandemic humor.


Because I still need to laugh.



You think you’ve laid in enough supplies for the next Covid wave of panicked shoppers? Just imagine how much triple ply Charmin ole Rex would have needed.



That’s a distinct possibility.



Another possibility. At least in my neck of the woods.



That sounds like good advice.




It’s not just for penises anymore…


Dead things, live things and lots of things in between.


After we settled into resort #2, we tried to pick a day’s activity that we could all enjoy… because yours truly was not visiting another theme park, no matter how much I loved that child.




Hence the Virginia Living Museum in Newport News. Part zoo, part aquarium and lots of interactive children’s exhibits.




Because who doesn’t love a velociraptor Santa Claus?




An extensive boardwalk wraps around the wildlife enclosure where little people can run to their heart’s content.




And the old folks can enjoy the beauty of a red fox…..




And a bobcat.




Who even though a wild cat, still enjoyed a cardboard box.



                                          Insert required cute group photo here.




There was a plastic dinosaur section…..




Where little hands could get filthy excavating some plastic bones.




Injured vultures…..




And bald eagles were next… this one with a clearly broken wing. And if you’ve ever wondered how large an eagle’s nest is?




Yeah. They’re pretty damned large.




More boardwalks, more running.




And some shore birds…




Whose antics I could easily have stood and watched all day.




Did she see anything?

No, but she had fun trying.







Never let it be said….


We have boring neighbors.

Looking out the window last week I saw this:




Thinking I was sober…

I found another window to be sure.




Okay, still there.




Yes, there really was a T Rex walking up our neighbor’s driveway.


Maybe he was on his way to the store….




Maybe he was just out strolling with a friend.




Although what the hell that neon green thing was supposed to be has yet to be determined.




Never a dull moment as Casa River.


Let’s Talk Chicken … Chapter 3.


If you missed the first two chapters of this riveting chicken series, catch up here:

Let’s talk chicken…

Let’s Talk Chicken… chapter 2.





This could be a trick question as chickens often eat ticks, but we’ll proceed anyway.




Let’s start with some interesting chicken facts.




Quick recap – You can’t beat a chicken off the line unless it’s at night… and if it catches you? It will unleash it’s inner T Rex.

My advice?

Don’t race a chicken.




More facts:




Quick recap – There’s no need to buy your chickens deodorant or a birthday cake.

Though wearing the hat can be quite stylish.




A 3 eyed chicken?




I’ve often thought having a third eye on the top of my head would be helpful, though it would be hard to find the right pair of sunglasses…



Next up –





Okay, whether you’re a chicken fan or not this is fascinating stuff.

They can literally be asleep and awake at the same time. How frickin’ cool is that?

Heck, I could snooze and finish off that 12 part documentary series about Heinrich Schliemann at the same time!  (1)




So there you have it.

Never let it be said my blogs are not educational…





(1)   A few years ago I started watching a PBS documentary series on the search for ancient Troy.

Was it dry? Perhaps a wee bit…

Was it boring? Not to a history buff like me… but the husband fell asleep approximately 7 minutes into each and every episode.

If he was a chicken we could have discussed it later.