Enough already.


There’s only so much squirrel a cat can take.

Our resident red bitch was mad dashing around the property gathering and hiding food before the recent snow storm… and Lord Dudley Mountcatten was keeping a close eye on her progress.



For some reason she decided under the grill was a perfect place to stash nuts. Every now and then she would run right up to the door and drive poor Dudley to distraction. The frustrated cat was cackling so hard he was shaking.

In other news, did you know squirrels are the latest trend in hair accessories?



I can’t say I’ve ever wanted a rodent holding my ponytail in place….



But if you have?

Now’s the time.


17 thoughts on “Enough already.”

    1. Some asshole snuck into a pasture in the middle of the night and clipped my gray horse’s beautiful tail. I am told by the police they are artist’s wanting to make special horsehair paintbrushes. If I ever catch them I am going to make paint brushes from their genital hairs! My only regret is that no one will see what I would do to them. Meanwhile, EVERYONE SEES WHAT THEY DID TO MY BEAUTIFUL HORSE, And it is not pretty.
      I do hope your paintbrushes are made from the hair of naturally dying squirrels! If not, I will never look at another painting in my life and NOT SEE ANIMAL CRUELTY.


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