A retirement job for the husband?


My husband is still not enjoying retirement. He’s bored, antsy as hell and no matter how many times I show him the honey do list… is always looking for something to do. When he’s not twitchy? He’s moping around the house and driving me crazy.



Damn. That sounds perfect! He has a bar in the man cave and knows how to tap a keg … he has experience!

Pardon me while I check airfare prices to Piel Island, County Cumbria.



Two full time residents.

Soon to be three….



14 thoughts on “A retirement job for the husband?”

  1. Be careful what you wish for. Either hubby likes that “retirement job” so much that he stays there through September (thereby depriving you of his services, such as they are, for the next six months), or he quickly gets bored and takes the next flight home.

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