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Cultural differences.


I read an article the other day that made me chuckle.



The list was long, but here are a few highlights.



Yikes. I am in no way, shape or form a penny pincher…. ( the jury is still out on arse ) but I always box up my uneaten goodies. This has nothing to do with being cheap and everything to do with not wanting to cook dinner the next day. Of course we’re talking about English food here, so it really isn’t a surprise no one wants to bring that home.



Okay, I’m doomed. We spent 18 years in the south.. and smothered with sausage gravy is my very favorite way to eat biscuits.



Fanny means vagina? I had an aunt named Fanny. (crazy, but true) Then again, she was a nasty old biddy who should have embraced her latent homosexuality instead of living alone and miserable all of her bitter loveless life… so, okay.


Side note… Googling ‘Aunt Fanny’ makes me realize I am woefully out of touch.


It’s beginning to look like I won’t be able to cross England off my bucket list. I drink fresh brewed unsweetened iced tea every day, winter, spring, summer and fall. Why do Brits have such an aversion to ice?



Oh good grief. I’ve always used spunky as an adjective. Looks like I’m going to have to rethink that…



Uh oh.


Pandemic humor.


Because we all need to laugh more often.



I don’t know, but FFS…. someone send her back.



How exactly does one do that?



We’ll all be doing this come January.




That sounds about right.



Guess it’s been a rough year for everyone.



Oh, those Brits.

Ever helpful with the good advice.



Here’s hoping your holiday is happy, safe and free of tactical response teams.



Day 7…. Historic Jamestown


Part 2 of the historic triangle in the Williamsburg ,Virginia area is Jamestown. What I didn’t know before arriving was that there are 2 distinct ways to experience it…. the National Park site and the more touristy recreation.




We opted for the National site first, by way of the Colonial Parkway.




The Parkway is a beautiful 23 mile road that runs along the James River from Williamsburg to Yorktown.




We jumped off at Jamestown and drove the 5 mile Island Loop, a self guided tour that explores the natural environment and history of the area.




Then it was on to the visitors center.




I won’t bore you  more than I already do   with the story. You can read about it here.  Suffice it to say Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement, the birthplace of Virginia… and basically, America.




There was a wonderful theater…




With multiple screens… where we brushed up on our high school history.



Outside there was a long boardwalk…




That led to a monument…




Which I’m sure the husband was glad he didn’t have to climb.




It was there we waited for our Park Ranger tour guide.




Who led us to the original settlers’ site.




That’s Pocahantas to the right… and yes, there was a Mockingbird on her head. A real one who proceeded to poop on her nose.




The only thing left from the original settlers’ buildings was one crumbling wall of a church.




But archeologists have been actively digging here for years….




Removing thousands of artifacts from the fort….




And various other buildings.




Here, the husband checks out a model recreation of the site.




The soldiers barracks.




Where the Queen visited a decade ago.




And the required selfie by the water.




There was an outline of a church with markers for the identified graves.




And a graveyard for unidentified remains.




It was a lovely spot.




But the history of the hardships the colonists suffered sure made you appreciate the wealth of opportunities and conveniences we have now.




Famine, civil unrest, severe weather, murder, Indian attacks…. even cannabilism. They experienced it all.




Second required selfie by the water to lighten the mood.




It was a fascinating tour…




And we learned a lot.




But it was lunchtime…. and the husband’s stomach was growling.




Not wanting to waste time and drive back to town, we were glad to find a small cafe on site.




You couldn’t beat the view.




Chicken salad spinach wrap with potato salad for me…




Tomato bisque and a Sloppy Joe with potato salad for the husband.

Thus fortified, we headed for the museum.