Quack snack.


You never know what kind of birds will show up at our feeders in the morning.

Cardinals? Check.

Bluebirds? Yup.

Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are back and I saw the first Baltimore Oriole yesterday. But this morning?



It was a pair of Mallard ducks.



They’re comical to watch as it’s mating season and the male follows closely behind the female everywhere she goes. She leads him on a merry chase and you know she enjoys it immensely.



13 thoughts on “Quack snack.”

  1. If the Mallards were on their way up to my area (I know they weren’t, but if!) they were lucky to be there, not here. We woke up to 6″ of snow this morning. Both levels of our double-deck bird feeder were covered in snow. After I shovelled a path from our front door a very puffy robin came and sat on our step for over an hour. I think he was just happy to have a snowless spot to rest. He may even have had a nap.

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      1. I haven’t looked outside yet this morning, but the weatherman said it was to snow again overnight.
        The good thing about snow in May–it can generally be used for snowsculptures, for anyone with talent. I myself have none.

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