That’s one reason.


There are multiple reasons I blog from my phone instead of my computer… convenience, speed, user friendly app, etc.

But there’s also a more organic reason :



And it’s name is Lord Dudley Mountcatten.



The beast has completely taken over my office chair and has shed so many pounds of fur on its black surface I had to cover it with a towel.

He has a rough life, this cat.


22 thoughts on “That’s one reason.”

  1. Yep. I have Birdie Girl in front of my computer as I write this. She’s not moving either. I get slapped around if I dare disturb her as I go about my business of writing; but then, again, I’m just her mere slave. Wish I were kidding. Mona

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  2. What do you mean, “taken over my office chair”? That’s LORD DUDLEY’S chair! After all, they say Possession is nine-tenths of the law (or, as far as he’s concerned, ten-tenths of the law).

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  3. MuMu took my desk chair. She never cared about it until I started using it. I do sit at my desk early in the day, but when I get up, I have to fold the arms up and put MuMu’s cushion on my chair.

    We are so well trained.

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  4. At least you’re smart enough to keep it covered with a towel. I lost a good leather recliner once to a cat-who-shall-remain-nameless (but is cute as heck, so we’ll forgive her for that transgression).

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