Let’s play.


Because you know I’ll never run out of these.



The instant I read this a mental image of my mother standing impatiently waiting for me to get to the point flashed through my brain.

I was a creative child who loved to read, one more apt to be found at the library than the playing field. A good story always held me spellbound. So when I’d come running into the house anxious to tell my mother something interesting… but in the telling ended up weaving a long disjointed tale that made me forget the original thread…. she’d always shrug her shoulders, turn away and say, “It must not have been very important.”

To which I always wanted to scream, “Now I remember! The house is on fire.” … like that would teach her to take me seriously.

Ah, childhood.

Good times.

What did your mother always say to you?


38 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. If my mom thought my brother or I was acting silly, she would call us a dildo. Yep.
    When I was a junior in high school, I finally got up the nerve to ask her if she knew what a dildo was. Welp, she didn’t!
    And though she never called either one of us a dildo again, my children will lovingly call their Grammy a dildo to this day.

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  2. “Your father punishes you because he loves you!” Or words to that effect. She told me that almost every day until she died when I was 8. I didn’t believe her then, and I still don’t believe her now. My father told me the same thing, “I’m doing this because I love you.” Funny, he never said “I love you!” when he wasn’t punishing me. I must have been a bad little boy!

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      1. If you had asked for words our fathers saod, I would have written something like, “I don’t know what you did today, but I know you did something.”
        I am not writing these things looking for pity, or sympathy. It’s just the way life was for me and most of my 9 siblings. My father was an angry man, and my mother did what she had to in order to survive. Somehow I grew up a pacifist.

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  3. She still tells me “Will you stop acting like that and start acting like a damned lady!” To this day she still says that…..🙄
    Oh and “If you keep hitting your brother on the head he’ll never get past the 2nd grade” but in Spanish, yeah I was somewhat of a stinker as a kid.

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  4. “Get out of the way, you fucking idiot!” … just one of the many lovely things she would, and probably still does, say from behind the wheel. I remember lip syncing it, along with my sisters, and adapting it to our sibling discourse. “I was watching that, you fucking idiot!” After a while, we didn’t even have to say it, everyone knew what we meant, except for mom.

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  5. I love that little tale of your childhood!
    The first thing that popped into my head is my mom saying to me: “Suzanne, don’t be so fresh!”
    Which in her slang, meant sassy.
    sorry mom, I’m still fresh.

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