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One pregnancy too many.


I fear for our old, always pregnant, doe.

She had a very late fawn this year and I think it’s taken it’s toll.




We’ve watch her age and slow down over the past few years, but now?




The poor girl is skeletal.




She comes every night for grain and apples, and is now showing up during the day for lunch…. which yes, I provide. She literally just stands there, looking in the window and waiting to be served. How can I not?




But I think this last Bambi was just too much for her, and I doubt she’ll survive the winter.




Hopefully blue eyes will continue us to visit after she’s gone.

Life goes on….


Motherhood can be rough


We hadn’t seen much of mother red squirrel lately, which after the last pregnant photo I took of her.. was a very good thing.




But she showed up yesterday…




Looking kind of rough. Motherhood must be taking its toll this time around.




Now if only I could coordinate her visits with this new addition to the backyard wildlife sightings….




He could solve all our squirrel problems in one fell swoop.




Back to the nightmare.


Oh, you thought the squirrels were the nightmare?

No, that was merely a side story.

The nightmare was the hole.



And the decades worth of bird nests concealed there in.



Appropriately masked, the husband approached.



Pulled a panel and…



How’s that for an action shot?



Man, you would not believe how much stuff he pulled out of there.



It was, in a word…. disgusting.



And landed everywhere.



If that isn’t enough to make the husband pay attention when I wave the honey do list in the future?



Nothing ever will be.



So now we had an empty hole.



A big empty hole with a badly installed spotlight fixture.



And a momma squirrel… who even though she found and moved her babies… still wanted back in.



So as the husband worked, and stomped my geraniums to such a pulp I had to temporarily relocate them…



Momma squirrel was watching.



Many frustrating hours later, just as I was willing to admit defeat and use this-



It was done.



Hole plugged.



And momma thwarted.


Squirrel saga finale.


Mad momma squirrel’s rampage continued for almost an hour.



Poor little thing, I did feel badly for her.



She was looking everywhere for her babies.



And then..



There they were.



Calling frantically for her.



So she came and got them, one by one.



Right past us, no fear at all.



I don’t know where she took them, but I hope it’s far away.

I love all our visiting critters.

But not when they want to actually take up residence in our house.


Nightmare continued.



Momma squirrel was not happy we’d disturbed and scattered her children.

Not. At. All.



Matter of fact, she was downright pissed. And as the husband was working on fixing that awful hole…



She was positively manic, running to and fro….









Even trying to get in the house.



It was crazy.



But what she really wanted was back in that hole.



And as the husband worked, she watched.

See her up top?

The longer it went on…. the braver she got.



There were times I thought she would climb right over the husband to get in there.



She was one mad momma.



To be continued…