16 thoughts on “Maybe I’m going about this the wrong way….”

  1. Okay we may be on to something here. This is going to sting a bit, but bear with me.
    Momma Squirrel pigs out in the cage feeder and gets stuck.
    As soon as you notice, take the large-ish cardboard box you acquired earlier and set the can of hot charcoal you recently prepared in one corner and the feeder containing the squirrel in the opposite corner.
    Close the top of the box and allow an hour or so for the carbon monoxide to work its dark magic.
    The result? A squirrel that ate an amazing feast, took a nap in a warm dark place and never awoke from its blissful slumber. That’s certainly better than being run over by a car and better by far than having its guts ripped out by the local wildlife. Be sure to put a brick or something in the box to set the charcoal on, so you don’t have a fire.

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