50 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. Lone Star……that should be enough I think. Although I don’t like Lone Star beer because its about as watered down as Coors (another beer that could be a hint for someone) and it’s like totes yuck. Lone Star beer that is, but hey Coors is up there too…..lol.

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      1. On the upper Eastside of Manhattan. My father and grandfather worked for Knickerbocker. The son of the founder owned the NY Yankees and built the original Yankee Stadium. They closed in 1965 and then my father went to work for Rheingold. Oy do I have beer stories…

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      1. You’re gonna feel silly…. greater Los Angeles. Technically, the brewery is in Torrance and I’m in Long Beach. They’re adjacent cities and about 25 miles from LosAngeles “proper”, but in LA county (and most of SoCal is like one giant city about 100 miles long).

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  2. Although dfferent regions like different beers, in Canada the big brands are brewed everywhere, and it would be nigh on impossoble to tell where any beer is really from. Of course, with the recent popularity of microbreweries, one of them might work, but who would know of it except those living in the vicinity of the microbrewery.
    But not of those are my problem. I would not even know a beer to name anymore. I have not drank one for over 50 years, and that was a glass of 25 cent draft I nursed all night in a bar somewhere long forgotten, and completely meaningless today.
    But I am from the Canadian prairies, once upon a time.

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      1. While some microbreweries here are still exploding, I heard on the news yesterday many are starting to close down and go out of business. I cannot remember why, but there was mention the supply was greater than the demand. Too many microbreweries, and not enough customers to sustain them all.

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