15 thoughts on “News you can’t use.”

  1. That maternity picture dude is definitely creepy AF! Charlie doesn’t need to hear that he’s keeping my mental health in better condition than if I didn’t have a cat. Godzilla movies, hell yeah!!

    I’d like to have polar bear neighbors, because the ones I have right now across the street from me aren’t up to par.

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  2. Cat people? Most of the ones I have met were a bit sketchy …

    Male Doula? I have a weakness for pregnant wimmen. But were I a pregnant woman, I don’t think I would be hiring Danny the Doula to do my coaching. In fact, if of us were unsupervised in the maternity ward, I suggest calling security …

    Godzilla? If they don’t have japanese actors mis-syncing and misusing American slang, I don’t want to spend my money on it.

    Jerry Garcia’s pipe? Yeah, I wouldn’t mind owning that ..

    Been around polar bears. Not something you want in your backyard. They most certainly will eat you …

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    1. I’m guessing you meant present company excepted for the being sketchy part.
      The old Godzilla were the best, I agree.
      You’re probably right about the polar bears, but they sure are beautiful.

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  3. Most of the polar bears in Churchill hang out at the gatbage dump. I’d think twice before building a home there. No more “walkies” with his lordship. And your feeder would get really expensive really fast.

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      1. I don’t know what your picture was of, but polar bears sometimes rat thing that lodge in their throats, and they die of starvation. This only happens when they feed at garbage dumps, where plastic bags are plentiful.
        I have heard stories of con cerned people putting bears to sleep and pulling the bags out of their throats, but sometimes the bears are too far gone to recover.
        Yes, skinny bears, no matter what breed, are horrible to see.


  4. I would opt for a couple of polar bear neighbors here if they strategically replaced the ones I select to go…people, that is. We don’t have polar bears…yet anyway. If there isn’t a Godzilla movie every couple of years, I’d worry about Hollywood. His Lordship would certainly be more of a handful if he heard that news.

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