48 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. Before I was married, living on my own, towels never got folded — they got put back on the towel rack immediately they came out of the laundry. Who knew you needed more than one hand towel and one bath towel. (Okay, I did own two of each, in case of emergencies, but the others stayed on a closet shelf, unfolded, for if I had company.) The woman I married taught me style 2, she had enough towels to make do for the Marine Corps. After the divorce I went back to the bachelor method. Now, with Gail, she prefered style 1, until her shoulders got too useless to reach above her shoulders. With me back in control, towels do not get folded anymore. But they do get bunched up, sometimes. I love the carefree approach to life.

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      1. It sooo totally sucks ass! Sitting around, I forget how bad it is! But new insurance kicked in today so I’m going to look for a back specialist. Right now, Iget maybe 5 min of standing before my back starts getting mad.

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