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Roof repair day one, the finale.


Roof section stripped, ice and water shield in place, drip edge nailed down.



The problem corner was recognized and discussed.



I checked periodically and enjoyed the view from up high.



You’d think all the hammering and noise would scare off the wildlife…



But it didn’t stop Chuck from having a little nosh.



No, the husband wasn’t asleep… but they’d been on the roof since 8:00am and apparently he can strategize just as well lying down.

I repeatedly asked what he was going to do with the bad corner…. and I was repeatedly ignored. Please refer to the complicated diagram below to understand how and where the water was getting in.



They finished for the day at 7:00pm and the tarp was redeployed. But when I went back out and found the section over the door (you know.. where it was leaking!) hadn’t been covered, I suggested something might need to be done due to the forecast of imminent rain. But once again, I was ignored. Because really, what do I know?


Instructions on how to spend a very depressing day.


Step 1.   Hire an appliance repairman to diagnose why your ice maker died and the fridge isn’t cooling properly.

Step 2.   Pay said repairman $95 to walk through the door.



Step 3.  Cry a little when repairman tells you your  expensive AF   six year old refrigerator will be requiring burial rites in the very near future.



6 years old!

Too young to die… or so I thought.

According to the repairman, 6-8 years is now the average lifespan of new appliances.




This makes me regret getting rid of the 1970’s almond Montgomery Ward fridge that came with our house when we moved in.

Ugly? Yes.

Fancy features? No.

But the damn thing still worked….. and now I miss it.

6 years.



For the love of God… she’s still shiny!




She still looks new!

But apparently she’s rotten at the core.



Step 4.  Grab a girlfriend for consolation and proceed to the appliance stores to search for a suitable replacement.

Have you been to the appliance stores lately?

Even the clearance prices will make you faint.




Mind you, that particular one had been returned, refurbished and was riddled with dents.

There’s lots to choose from, if you want to pay.

And pay. And pay…




There are fancy French Door models.

Models with ridiculous features…




And for the prices they’re charging?

I hope that one cooks, serves and cleans up the kitchen after marinating my meat.




Herb storage?



One model even had a built in one of these –





An infuser pitcher, fitted right into the door. I paid $3.99 for mine… what do you want to bet this baby adds an extra $200 to the purchase price?

Step 5.  Go from store to store, avoiding salesmen and their high pressure “Oh, that sale ends today, better buy now!”  B.S….. never quite finding that perfect fridge that will fit in your crazy kitchen. ( We had to remove half a wall to fit my current one in. )

Step 6.  Have long booze filled lunch with girlfriend and curse refrigerator manufacturers.



Step 7.  Return home to melting ice and lukewarm milk.

Step 8.  Repeat steps 4 through 7 until replacement is found.