Instructions on how to spend a very depressing day.


Step 1.   Hire an appliance repairman to diagnose why your ice maker died and the fridge isn’t cooling properly.

Step 2.   Pay said repairman $95 to walk through the door.



Step 3.  Cry a little when repairman tells you your  expensive AF   six year old refrigerator will be requiring burial rites in the very near future.



6 years old!

Too young to die… or so I thought.

According to the repairman, 6-8 years is now the average lifespan of new appliances.




This makes me regret getting rid of the 1970’s almond Montgomery Ward fridge that came with our house when we moved in.

Ugly? Yes.

Fancy features? No.

But the damn thing still worked….. and now I miss it.

6 years.



For the love of God… she’s still shiny!




She still looks new!

But apparently she’s rotten at the core.



Step 4.  Grab a girlfriend for consolation and proceed to the appliance stores to search for a suitable replacement.

Have you been to the appliance stores lately?

Even the clearance prices will make you faint.




Mind you, that particular one had been returned, refurbished and was riddled with dents.

There’s lots to choose from, if you want to pay.

And pay. And pay…




There are fancy French Door models.

Models with ridiculous features…




And for the prices they’re charging?

I hope that one cooks, serves and cleans up the kitchen after marinating my meat.




Herb storage?



One model even had a built in one of these –





An infuser pitcher, fitted right into the door. I paid $3.99 for mine… what do you want to bet this baby adds an extra $200 to the purchase price?

Step 5.  Go from store to store, avoiding salesmen and their high pressure “Oh, that sale ends today, better buy now!”  B.S….. never quite finding that perfect fridge that will fit in your crazy kitchen. ( We had to remove half a wall to fit my current one in. )

Step 6.  Have long booze filled lunch with girlfriend and curse refrigerator manufacturers.



Step 7.  Return home to melting ice and lukewarm milk.

Step 8.  Repeat steps 4 through 7 until replacement is found.






45 thoughts on “Instructions on how to spend a very depressing day.”

  1. Seriously, a refrigerator has one job, keep stuff cold. I’ve had to buy two for our kitchen at work, and it’s depressing. We need to get a new one at home – to replace a 25-yr-old unit. The thought of buying a new one every 6-7 years from now on is truly maddening.

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    1. It really is. Back in the day you bought an appliance and it lasted 30 years… longer than most marriages! Now? It feels like you have a fleeting affair and move on to a newer model, which ironically is what a lot of men do.

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  2. The powers that be have fixed it so these appliances don’t last too long so we have to spend again! It really grinds my gears!

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  3. Add to that, most appliance ‘repairmen’ are in truth appliance salesmen. Sears was the worst in that regard. Usually a simple cleaning and recharge should be all it takes to keep a fridge going unless it was damaged …

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    1. Sears is horrible! Learned a lesson there years ago. My repairman is a local, well trusted soul. He doesn’t sell anything. Sorry to say my unit has a massive coolant leak somewhere. To even find it would involve a tear down, forcing a defrost, injecting dye, replacing lines etc. he said he could do it, but it would cost $500-$600 and probably wouldn’t be worth it.

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      1. The wife and I bought an upright freezer (new) 4 years ago. The freezer worked very well for two years, and then… It stopped working. It seems that after the repairman came, it was determined that the defrost timer was stuck. That was an easy fix. So instead of needing to buy new, we just had the freezer repaired. Now, the dishwasher; hmmm… that will cost not much less than a new one, so…

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      1. I feel your pain.
        I went through the same ringer when my 3-year-old over-the-range-hood microwave circuitboard died. I was unable to replace the part, so it was a whole new microwave for me, complete with a non-matching mouting bracket and new bolt-hole positions in my cupboards.

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      2. The are hard to replace… or as I like to call it: fighting with your wife whilst holding something heavy above your head.

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  4. I bought my fridge as a scratch and dent NEW model. The scratch? Way down on the bottom right side in the back. You know? Where only the WALL behind it can see??? $1,000 Stainless Steel French door, bottom freezer, ice maker included. I LOVE it. However? I had to lose 5 cupboards to get it in MY Little kitchen. *sigh*

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    1. I wouldn’t mind a rear scratch, but this one had dents right on the doors and a deep gouge on the side… I thought about the French Door model, but to be honest I just don’t like the pull out freezer drawer.

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  5. About 15 years ago, our 10-year-old frig started having issues. Repairman came out, fixed it and warned me to stay away from newer refrigerators. Knock on wood, but it’s still doing its job. Still… now that they have models with special compartments just for herbs…how can I resist? Glad you found a suitable replacement. Mona

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  6. Oh dear lord no!!! I’m in the hunt for a new fridge myself, and I feel your pain. Geez this is annoying, but nonetheless necessary. Every fridge is so expensive, and now I see why? I mean who in the hell wouldn’t want a “herb” storage drawer in there right? Where else would we keep our weed? lol

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  7. I feel your pain, River, and feel the exact same way about furnaces. Stoves. Cars. I might’ve had a crying jag when I couldn’t get a new car with handles to roll up the windows. The more shit controlled by a motherboard, the more Mount Doom….. just sayin’. Even a new fan comes with a remote control. I have a drawer where they all go to die.

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    1. We’ve replaced the furnace, the water heater, the water pump, the stove, the fridge, the roof, the windows, and the toilets. Now that we’ve done that? They’re probably all worn out and ready to be replaced again.

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  8. It really is amazing how fast stuff breaks down now. When I was 25, I had the same refrigerator my parents had bought from Sears 30 years before and it still worked great! Stove, too. It does seem like they’re making stuff on the shoddier side so you have to replace it every 5 years!

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    1. It would be one thing if they were vaguely affordable, then I wouldn’t mind a new model every 6-8 years. But for multiple thousands of dollars? Damn it, it should live longer than that Blue Cheese I have tucked in the back…..

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  9. My deepest sympathies.
    I loathe our fridge. Came with house. 80s model side-by-side. I hate the freezer the most. I make ice in trays and buy it. The shelves are wonky and appear to have been designed by small children who have no sense of scale. The door water and ice dispensers? – neither work, but the water leaks, so I have to clean the damn door thing all the bloody time or it looks disgusting.
    The meat drawer is broken, no longer slides.
    Its only bonus is that it’s white and it’s clean, like I keep that bitch MINT.
    However, I have a lot of friends who bought nice, pricey, pretty stainless fridges and they’re none of them still working 5-15 years later. I have two friends who brought their old models back from the basement and garage, because the old suckers still keep things cold and their new SS died after several expensive repairs. My one friend, she could have bought two basic refrigerators for the cost of repairs on hers.
    So, one day, our fridge will die and I’ll buy a nice new white one 18-22 cubic feet, standard, boring, with an ice maker as its main highlight, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get a decade out of it.

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    1. Maybe, just maybe. It’s a shame mine is dying because right up until it’s premature death it’s been a great fridge with no problems. Of course dying after 6 years is rather a big problem.


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