A Red Rocks washout…


After our fruitless climb and search for the Apache Fire House, we kept walking.




Trying to avoid my husband’s Kryptonite. Seriously, any interaction with this evil plant sends my other half to the emergency room.

And he gets it everywhere.

Need I say more?



We walked some easy paths….




And some that lead to benches.




Personally, I think I could have found that without a stone rimmed path… but I’ve always been good with directions.

And in the distance? That damned house we couldn’t find…

I mean, crikey!

It was right there.




But we found interesting tree bark… so smooth and spotted, it almost looked painted.




Yes, that’s how boring these posts have become.

I’m talking about tree bark.




We found a classroom…




Where the husband waited in vain for a teacher.




Then scanned our information leaflet and found another trail that would eventually lead to the Apache Fire House. I said, “Let’s go!”

No ruined shell of a building was going to beat me.




But of course…




It did.

And I learned that the least amount of rain can cause flash floods and washouts in this part of the world.




So I admitted defeat, cursed the house we couldn’t reach…..




And called it a day.

We walked past an outdoor arena…




Back to the visitor center…




Found a hummingbird garden with no hummingbirds….




And a strawberry hedgehog cactus…

That looked nothing like a strawberry or a hedgehog.















28 thoughts on “A Red Rocks washout…”

  1. Hey! Tell your other half I am the SAME way about poison ivy. Everywhere, total agony, hospital, IVs – there aren’t many of us, you know. We like to know there are others.
    I don’t know if I’m sadder that that’s what a strawberry hedgehog cactus looks like or that the trail was closed.

    Liked by 1 person

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