It was aptly named….


Day 9 of our trip arrived and we headed north west out of Sedona.




Which pretty much looked like this….




For miles on end.

Our destination?




And I was seriously hoping we wouldn’t find the golden arches at the bottom.

It was a little over a 2 hour ride, and then we saw…




Hey, Fred. Long time no see…. say hello to Wilma for us.

And finally, we were there.




The Grand Canyon has always been on the top of husband’s bucket list. Me? Not so much, but he was happy… which made me happy.

And that’s what marriage is all about.




Well, yes.

That too.

Our first stop at the Canyon was the visitors center because…. well…  a 2 hour ride and a quart and a half of Gatorade do not mix.




Naturally, it was closed due to the government shutdown and I had to pee behind a bush. (Not like it was the first time, and no… there aren’t any photos)

Let me take a minute to give a shout out to all the Park Rangers and volunteers who kept the Grand Canyon National Park open for tourists like us who had traveled a long way to be there. We appreciated it.

You rock!




So we walked… and yes, that’s snow.

We came, we saw, we froze.

Like idiots we picked the coldest day of our trip to visit, and it was a good 20 degrees cooler at the canyon due to the elevation.


Uh, yeah…..



But we didn’t care.




We were at the Grand Canyon…




And it was grand.




Yes, it’s a giant hole in the ground….




But oh, what a glorious hole it is.




First stop was Mather’s Point..




Which was pretty spectacular.






And even though I never really thought I wanted to be there?




Once I was…




I didn’t want to be anywhere else.




I fear I’m going to run out of adjectives long before I run out of pictures.




Because it was just that good!




And though my photos and videos will never do it justice?

I’m going to flood you with them anyway…

It’s what I do.




So… bloggers?




Grand Canyon is coming.









32 thoughts on “It was aptly named….”

  1. I’ve been the Grand Canyon twice . . . but I haven’t seen it yet. Here’s why:

    On the first trip, at the tender age of 13, I had had enough family togetherness for one summer (2 adults, 4 kids, and a Great Dane sharing a Suburban and a pop-up camper . . . you do the math!) and refused to get out of the car:

    Mom: You have to get out of the car. It’s the Grand Canyon.

    Me (Surly Teen): I’m not getting out. I’ve seen Bryce Canyon. I’ve seen Zion Canyon. I’ve seen the Petrified Forest. I’ve seen the Badlands. I get it. The West is full of rocks. Big, bright, badass rocks.

    Instead of peering over the rim at the vast expanse dug out by the Colorado River, I stayed in the car and read a book.

    On the second trip, twenty years down the road, at the more mature age of 34, I bounced out of the car, delighted to have a second chance to see the Canyon’s splendor . . . for the first time.

    No such luck.

    Standing at the very edge of the rim, I could see nothing but . . . F~O~G.

    I couldn’t even see my hand held out in front of my face:

    Me: Excuse me, when do you suppose the fog will burn off?

    Ranger: Beats me. I’ve never seen fog like this at this time of year. It’s like Mother Nature is running the F~O~G machine at full blast for her own or God’s amusement.

    Me: No doubt.

    Ranger: Excuse me, I’ve got to stop that kid from walking off the edge of the South Rim into the foggy abyss . . .

    Me (staring into the dense fog): Very funny, guys! I get it. Sometimes once-in-a-lifetime opportunities only come around once in a lifetime.

    I’ll just have to take it on faith that it is a grand canyon.

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    1. It sounds like the canyon was getting back at you for being a sullen teenager the first time around! Canyons can be petty that way…
      Be no worries. You can visit it vicariously through my endless posts and pictures!


    1. I haven’t worked in years. The husband was planning on retiring this April but the closer it gets, the less sure he is. It’s a great job… good money, wonderful benefits, travel. He should retire…. but he’s not the fishing or porch rocking chair kind of guy and really does enjoy working. So we’ll see.

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  2. That’s beautiful. Wow wow wow on the clouds. I think your photos are beautiful.
    Nothing is ever as beautiful as when you’re in it. The most beautiful place I’ve ever been was a welcome center in West Virginia — Hand to God, most beautiful place ever. Purple mountains majesty and a field of yellow daffodils in the valley under a bright blue sky. Oof. I’ve seen a lot of pretty, but that one, that one was nearly religious in beauty. And the pictures are crap. Just sayin.

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