It’s still grand….

Do you ever have those silly arguments with your significant other? (You know the ones… they’re always wrong, but don’t want to admit it.)


When we left Mather’s Point at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon I wanted to turn right and explore various points on the rim trail. He wanted to turn left and drive 20 miles to the watchtower, then 20 miles back to explore the rest and then repeat the first 20 miles because we’d be exiting that way. This made no sense, but he did it anyway because he was driving.

A mile or so down the road?

Even the weather knew I was right.



We turned around.


If you’ve never been to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon  (Go! What are you waiting for?)  it’s set up something like this –  long main road with lots of pullouts for scenic views. Some are large with parking lots, monuments and information placards… some just small vacant outcrops.


We hit them all…. and the husband was like a kid in a candy store.



The experience makes you feel small, insignificant.

And that’s not always a bad thing…


At Maricopa Point we read some history…


Climbed a lot of stairs.


Admired the view.


Not bad.


Not bad at all…


Read some more history…


And I answered…

When the husband asked if I wanted to go down and join those hikers on the trail.


See those little specks?



Hell, with his habit of always wanting to go the wrong way?


We’d never find our way back out.

31 thoughts on “It’s still grand….”

  1. I hope you were cautious with those “boomerang handrails”, as Snook called them. She would stick out her and inch up to them just in case they tried to reach out and throw her over the rim. But she was on to them, and they never had a chance.

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  2. Well, I saw it from Arizona, but I don’t know where… I was too young to understand direction. It was amazing though and I’ll never forget thinking I’d never seen anything so amazing. Every time I see a photo, it affirms how much I think you have to see it in person. Make you feel all small and wow. I must say, no snow when I was there. Prettier with snow, me thinks.
    I like the meme, too. Hehe!

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  3. Is the rumor true that Arizona ran out of food??? Doesn’t seem to be any!!

    Aside from that there really are some beautiful sights to see in the Grand Canyon no matter which way you approach it and I remember many from my trip there 45 years ago!

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