A wee bit of snow.


Southern Maine dodged the snow bullet this winter with only a few insignificant storms here and there.

Northern Maine…?



Not so much.

Every time we got an inch?



They got a foot.

Personally, I think that kind of snow is a hoot.

Snow banks?



Yeah, baby.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!



Snowmobile trail?

It’s there…




Well, I wouldn’t go that far.

Two years ago this was our driveway –



And yes, that’s a ruler.

Ah, winter.

You make life interesting…



44 thoughts on “A wee bit of snow.”

  1. Our big blizzard was in the winter of ’07. Two inches of frozen frostbite. The county was completely shut down until the thaw two days later … but we are a hardy folk, and survived on biscuits and gravy until the Piggly Wiggly reopened ..

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      1. Sounds like we are both right where we need to be ~ but we will get back to Maine one of these days . . . in the summer.

        Maybe we can swing by and say “Bacawk!” (That’s chicken speak for “pass me a margarita!”)

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