Anne Taintor gets me.


Yes… she’s a Maine born, Harvard educated artist.

And yes… she addresses domestic stereotypes with humor and advertisements from a bygone era.

But ya know what?

This woman gets me.




See what I mean?





Her annual engagement calendar always has a prominent place on my desk and it never fails to make me smile.




Oh, those perfect 1950’s housewives…. you know the ones –  perfectly coiffed, wearing high heels and pearls to wash dishes? The ones who got a little too excited over that new Hoover the husband bought them for their anniversary?




I like to imagine they were thinking this way.




I know I would have.




And if my hubby gave me a Hoover on our anniversary?




Yes, Anne.

You get me.

25 thoughts on “Anne Taintor gets me.”

  1. My mom’s from that era but she wanted to be a pioneer woman… not Donna Reed. So, no make up, wore jeans, spent her time sewing our clothes, canning vegetables and addressing livestock emergencies while my dad was fighting the Ruskies overseas…

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  2. I see her work on cocktail napkins. I like cocktail napkins therefore I like her work. Also she’s funny which is good when using a cocktail napkin for the purpose it is intended, that is– to hold onto your cocktail whilst drinking it.

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  3. Haha! The “Wake me and Die” was something I use to say to my ex-husband. It was like the mofo couldn’t find anything while I was asleep, really. Then one night he stayed up to watch SNL and felt like a sandwich. He came to wake me because he couldn’t find the damned mayonnaise, and you know why? Because we didn’t have any?! And then the following night he went to sleep early and I got up to get a glass of water around 2am, but instead I woke him and asked him to get it for me, lol. We’re divorced now, so NO ONE wakes me up now! lol

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